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Aumsoft Unicode and
Non Unicode keyboard software


All Indian Unicode and Non Unicode Font
are created

Font Converter

All Indian Unicode and
Non Unicode Font Conversion


Images and PDF to text conversion with image processing


Translate text/word documents from one langauge to another.


Transliterate text/word documents from one langauge to another.

About Us

We help Publishers to take their content across all digital devices and on print

Smart Solutions is a premier destination for all your language translation needs and digital content creation, specialising in Indian languages. We have been in this business for nearly 30 years and have been the pioneers in this field.

We help Publishers to take their content across all digital devices and on print in English and 22 Indian Languages, through innovative solutions.

The company was founded by one of the creators of one of the most widely used and popular translation softwares Akruti. We are a team of passionate workers who aim to bring the use of our scheduled languages back into the hands of the common people and reach the masses in their native languages. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions are moulded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate.We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. We aim to be valued as an industry leader in client satisfaction, sales growth, product performance, financial strength and profitability.


We at Smart Solutions provide with end to end solutions for all forms of language content right from e-publishing and digitisation of content,website creation in various languages to providing tools in the form of software to type, print, translate in various languages. We provide with e-solutions for ePUB conversions for universities, libraries, corporations and publishers and are committed towards providing our customers with the best quality in the market, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Smart Solutions’ePUB services can enhance your profit margin by amplifying your circulations and expanding your current market.
We even have our own bookstore where we aim to sell quality Indian language content and popularise the same in electronic format. Halant Books is an eBook store, a product of Smart Solutions. We here aim to provide our customers with the finest eBooks in Indian languages, with a wide range of topics to choose from, right from English Classics to Indian Epics; now in a format that can be used across all digital platforms, be it smartphones, iPhones/ iPads or Kindle, computers or tablet computers.encourage self publishing and complete digitisation of corporate content.
Smart Solutions provides a platform to create and disseminate digital content across a wide variety of digital devices. We extend our humble support to the Digital India initiative by the honourable Prime Minister of India. Only with Indian Language support, any idea can reach the nook and corner of this diverse country and we can reach each and every citizen in his/her language.
Our platform and solutions fully support all the 22 constitutional languages of India. We have developed home grown solutions to create, convert, display, print, deploy and disseminate the contents in any language using state of art technologies. The solution is device agnostic and thereby supports PCs, mobile phones, Pads, Tablet PCs and wide TV screens.
We have solutions covering the end to end requirements. We are open and enthusiastic to support you in any area of concern. Starting from inputting text in any digital device to making the content appear beautifully on screens ranging from a 4 inch mobile to a 60 inch Digital TV and beyond. The content can range from some plain text matter to a rich multimedia enriched interactive page.
Contact us to become an associate and to enjoy your Digital Journey in your preferred language.

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We are working with Fonts and Data Conversion for more than 25 years. We are aware of the your problems and continuosly work on a better

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Our Best Selling Aumsoft and Akruti® Packages

Indian Languages कहीं भी… कभी भी…

AUMSoft Platinum

All Inadian language keyboards along with fonts, font Conversion and OCR.

Smart OCR

All Indian language Image to Text Conversion.

AUMSoft Silver

All Inadian language keyboards along with fonts, font Conversion and OCR.

Customer Reviews

Valuable feedback from our esteemed customers

Akruti software is the way I was introduced to hindi typing . It is by far the most advanced and easy to learn technology that has helped me immensely. I have been using this for the past 10 years and have always been comfortable with it. Show More  The best part about using this is the fact that the team behind it is very supportive and ensure that there is no problem . They are always a call away and every doubt , problem or query has been resolved without any delay ! Thank you Sridhar, Gitanjali , Sitara and everyone involved !

Bhavna Tapadia

Writer KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages are supported by the Akruti Aumsoft Software?

We are creating and supporting for more than 40 years. We support 22 constitutional Indian languages including Oriya, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and many more.

Do you provide customized Unicode/Non-Unicode fonts?

Our highly skilled and experienced font developers will get in touch and design the software according to your requirements.

How Aumsoft can help to create ebooks?

Our software offers you facilities like Unicode keyboards, Unicode fonts, font conversion and OCR to convert pdf to ebooks easily and effectively. We provide a platform/facility to publish your ebook through your website and physical stores. To Know more Click here.

Do you provide typing engine on mobile devices?

We have an cloud typing engine called SmartKeyboard available to type anywhere and everywhere.

Can I translate or transliterate my document along with formatting maintained?

Smart Translate and Smart Transliterate are two different softwares which translates/transliterates plain text and microsoft document along with formatting maintained.

Can I use your software to publishing on Mac PC?

Our software are supported by Windows as well as Mac PC. We constantly try to find our customers difficulty and try our best to find a better solutions as per their requirements.

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